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Our Story & Mission

About us

Welcome to Clutch - Your Ultimate College Food Delivery Solution!


At Clutch, we understand the unique challenges of delivering food on college campuses. That's why we've revolutionized the food delivery experience by putting students at the heart of our service. Our mission is simple: to bring your favorite off and on campus dining options straight to your doorstep, hassle-free.

 Our Story

Founded in 2020, Clutch emerged from a desire to make food delivery on college campuses more faster, convenient, and more safe. We recognized the struggles faced by other delivery services: drivers unfamiliar with the campus, parking nightmares, and the inability to access buildings. We knew there had to be a better way, and that's when the idea for Clutch was born.

Our Team

Celestin Abwe


Founder & President of Clutch Delivery LLC

Celestin Abwe approaches every life obstacle as just another puzzle to solve. His guiding principle: find a way and make it happen, no excuses. Celestin recently served as a Business Intern Associate at the Le Moyne Institute, with a focus on Business Development. His work involved developing innovative tools to simplify and enhance clients' day-to-day operations, with a particular emphasis on mastering analytics reports and conducting customer discovery across diverse industries.

During his tenure as the Director of Social Innovation at International Child Advancement, Celestin played a pivotal role in delivering education, supplies, and vocational support to orphans in Goma, DRC Congo, thanks to the visionary leadership of Evelyn Kessler, the founder of ICA. Additionally, he spearheaded the pen-pal/mentoring program, forging meaningful connections between ICA children and prestigious institutions like Canisius College and the University at Buffalo.


Peter Manley


Operations Manager

Peter Manley, hailing from the Albany, NY area, is a dedicated individual with a penchant for data analytics and information systems, currently pursuing his major at Le Moyne College. With a strong foundation in business knowledge, he has honed his skills through valuable experiences gained from working with various startups. In addition to his academic and professional pursuits, Peter's passions extend to the basketball court, a love for sneakers, and unwavering support for the Celtics and Steelers. Currently, he also serves as a State Examiner Program professional in Albany, New York, contributing his expertise to the field. Peter takes immense pride in the journey of Clutch, seeing it evolve into the vision they had conceived years ago, and he looks forward to its continued success.

Jonathan Atayi


Business Development Manager

Jonathan Atayi believes in the words of C.S. Lewis: 'There are no ordinary people.' From a young age, he has experienced sonder—a profound realization that every person has a unique and intricate life story. This early awareness sparked his passion for networking, which eventually led to his deep interest in the fields of sales and marketing. Jonathan's journey in networking began at Georgetown Preparatory School, but his dedication to forging lasting connections didn't end there. While pursuing a degree in MIS & Marketing at Le Moyne College, he seized every opportunity to expand his network and gain valuable experiences that would shape his career.

His path to his current role at Clutch Delivery was paved through relentless self-application outside of the classroom. Notably, he built an impressive portfolio of advertisements and conducted thorough customer analysis. His journey took him from creating flyers for SU fraternities to devising yearlong promotional plans for D.C. clubs. Jonathan is committed to furthering his career in marketing and cultivating fruitful relationships with everyone he encounters.

Joe Mancuso


Marketing Coordinator