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Our Vision

What Sets Us Apart

At Clutch, we've turned challenges into opportunities, embracing innovative technology that integrates seamlessly with on and off-campus restaurants. This integration empowers them to effortlessly upload their menus onto our platform. Consequently, students gain access to a diverse range of dining options, making ordering from various restaurants a breeze.

Our secret sauce? We exclusively hire students as delivery drivers. These campus experts know the layout like the back of their hands. They know the fastest routes and the quickest paths to your building. And most importantly, they have access to dorm buildings using their student IDs. No more standing around waiting for deliveries to arrive – Clutch drivers get to you swiftly and securely.

Your Student Meal Plan, Your Way

One of our proudest accomplishments is our seamless integration with student meal plans. We understand that college life can be hectic, and managing meals should be the last thing on your mind. With Clutch, you can use your student meal plan to order the food you crave, when you crave it. It's as simple as tapping a few buttons, and your meal plan benefits go straight towards satisfying your appetite.

 Join the Clutch Community

When you choose Clutch, you're not just ordering food – you're becoming a part of a vibrant community. Our student drivers understand your needs because they're your fellow classmates. We're committed to enhancing your campus experience by providing a reliable, student-centric delivery service that you can count on.